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eHAD - AI Cockpit Series
Tenderer solution for creating and submitting digital tenders.

With the extension of the HAD to the eHAD, we ease the entry into electronic procurement for Hessian companies.

If a contracting authoritiy decides for an electronic procurement in the HAD, you - as a tenderer - will be forwarded to the electronic procurement procedure (eHAD) directly by the HAD and to the software AI-Bidder Cockpit.

The AI COCKPIT SERIES contains all tenderer tools of the AI AG that support the tenderer in the electronic processing of tenders - from the completion of specifications to the submission of electronic tenders.

With the software Al BIDDER COCKPIT, you work on the tender documents digitally and offline. The tendering tool assists you in putting together your tender documents. You can use and integrate your own calculation programme further on.

As specified by the procuring entity, the eHAD allows you to submit your tender electronically or in paper form.

The support of the software during the tendering procedure simplifies the first step into the electronic tendering for small and medium companies.

Your benefit
  • procurement law compliant processing, compilation and submission of tender documents
  • signature law compliant electronic tender
  • reduces the risk to be excluded from the submission because of a formal error
  • usability and user guidance