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Is the public authorities obligated to acknowlege the certificate?

In Hesse and Saxony-Anhalt it is regulated by decree that the certificate replaces the individual proofs and therefore has to be acknowledged by the contracting authorities. In Lower Saxony, the pre-qualification is recommended to be applied.Moreover, the decree from 11.06.2010 points out that even certificates from other federal states must be accepted in principle. 97 paragraph 4 a GWB and 6 section 4 VOL / A, 7 section 4 VOL / A-EC regulate that contracting authorities may acknowledge existing pre-qualification procedures.

May the contracting authorities demand further proofs?

In some federal states, additional proofs are requested, e.g. concerning the advancement of women. hese can't be viewed on PQ-VOL but deposited at the respective pre-qualification body. Additionally the contracting authorities may demand furthe contract-related documents.

Is the contracting authoritiy able to review the individual proofs?

At first, the contracting authority can access each listed proof online through the individual certificate number which is quoted on the certificate. The documents are physically stored at the pre-qualification body and can be retrived there if necessary.