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Reduce effort and cost

The previous validation of proofs of suitability by an independant pre-qualification body saves the individual proofs for contracting authorities within a certain procurement procedure.

Tenderers present a certificate instead of many single proofs that covers the most frequently requested proofs and is valid for one year.

The pre-qualification at the chambers is attended with little effort and cost for tenderers. The first application (valid for 1 year) costs 215, - euros VAT included. The extension (valid 1 year) costs 155, - euros VAT included.

Provide legal certainty

The Hessian procurement law regulates that contracting authorities have to approve the certificate. The tenderer can trust that the certificate will be accepted. The auditing duty in individual cases by the public authorities is dropped . In this way, more economical offers are kept in the evaluation process and the risk of exclusion due to a lack of suitability is minimized.

Permanent access to the database

Contracting authorities can always view the single proofs of listed companies on the database through a registration and a password access. Thereover, they can find tenderers in order to invite them for restricted tenders and single tender procedures.This might be a competitive advantage for listed tenderers.
The access to appropriate companies is free of charge for public authorities.

What does pre-qualification mean?

Pre-qualification is the previous and contract-independent validation and certification of proofs of suitablilty and serves the debureaucratisation in public procurement - for contracting authorities as well as for tenderers. The contract-independent proofs of suitability are validated according to the tendering and contract regulations for works supplies and service and also for freelance services (VOB/VOL/VOF).

Companies must provide these documents to demonstrate their skills, efficiency, legality and reliability when they apply for public contracts.

The pre-qualification database HPQR lists all companies that were reviewed in respect of their suitability. These companies can be selected by different search criteria such as name, main office, industry code, etc.. The issued certificate is valid for one year and replaces all reviewed individual proofs by a single document.