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Auftragsberatungsstelle Hessen e.V.
Karl-Glässing-Straße 8
65183 Wiesbaden
Phone:  0611 974588-0
Fax:       0611 974588-20

Turnover tax identification number : DE811915998
Register of associations: VR1469 at the Association Register Wiesbaden

Authorized representatives:

Chairman of the Board
of the Contract advisory Centre Hesse (Auftragsberatungsstelle Hessen e.V.)
Managing director of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce Wiesbaden
Sabine Meder Wilhelmstr. 24-26
65183 Wiesbaden
Phone: 0611 1500-138
Fax: 0611 1500-165

Deputy Chairman
of the Contract Advisory Centre Hesse
Managing director of the
Chamber of Handicrafts Frankfurt-Rhein-Main
Dr. Christof Riess
Bockenheimer Landstr. 21
60325 Frankfurt am Main
Phone: 069 97172-110
Fax: 069 97172-5110

Responsible in respect of content
According to 6 MDStV Managing Director of the
Contract Advisory Centre Hesse
Brigitta Trutzel Lawyer
Karl-Glässing-Straße 8
65183 Wiesbaden
Phone: 0611 97 4588-0
Fax: 0611 97 4588-20

Supervisory Body

Executive board of the Auftragsberatungsstelle Hessen e.V. (Contract Advisory Centre Hesse Hesse) - Contract Advisory Centre Hesse


Within the scope of its Internet presence, the Contract Advisory Centre Hesse is only liable for damages based on an intentional or grossly negligent delinquency of its part or its legal representatives or agents. This also applies to damages from the breach of obligations in contract negotiations and illegal acting.

The liability for indirect damages or untypical consequential damages will be excluded, if they are not caused by a negligent breach of essential contractual obligations of an information contract, or a breach of fundamental obligations for the initiation of a contractual relationship. Moreover, the amount of liability is limited to the third party damage that is typical for such a contract.

As far as the Contract Advisory Centre Hesse is insured against liabilities for the aforementioned damages, it may assign any contractual claim to the aggrieved users.

Liabilities resulting from the Product Liability Act as well as the liability for warranted properties are not affected by the rules mentioned above. The same applies to the legal rules for the burden of proof.

The Contract Advisory Centre Hesse does not explicitly adopt the contents of the websites accessible via hyperlinks on the Contract Advisory Centre Hesse web pages as it's own. The information contained herein is not part of the Contract Advisory Centre Hesse web pages but of the respective providers. They are responsible for the content and have the exclusive rights. Therefore, the accuracy, availability and completeness with regard to the content is not guaranteed.

Lists issued on the web pages of the Contract Advisory Centre Hesse have been compiled to the best of knowledge and make no claim to be complete.

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The websites of the Contract Advisory Centre Hesse are available for all interested persons and organisations in order to get information and to use them. The copyright protection of these web pages requires the written consent of the Contract Advisory Centre Hesse for commercial use, modification and distribution under a different name.

Data Protection

The services of the Contract Advisory Centre Hesse are subject to the Regional Data Protection Act. The processing of your data is carried out in accordance with the relevant statutory regulations and bases on the greatest possible safety. We point out that the data is not transmitted on a secure way via Internet in wide ranges. It cannot be excluded that unauthorized persons take note of transmitted data and may distort them.

For purposes of data security, our server will temporarily store data that may allow an identification. If you access our sites an evaluation will not be effected, except for statistical purposes by counting the amount of traffic.

If you order HAD information material from the Contract Advisory Centre Hesse Hesse we will generally need the data you left on the Internet.To process your order or your requests and to send the required information, the Contract Advisory Centre Hesse needs this data. The data is only used for that purpose; during the processing the data are stored electronically. They will not be passed on to third parties.

By your order, you consent to the processing of your data as described.This consent may be revoked at any time, with effect for the future, in writing or by e-mail to the Contract Advisory Centre Hesse. You also have the right to get information upon request for free about your stored personal data . Your rights to correct, block or delete data remain unaffected.

The Contract Advisory Centre Hesse does not assume liability for any breaches of data protection arising from links to websites via hyperlinks.

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