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Setup of a nomination register for procurement procedures of public authorities.
Erasing the old database on 31/12/2011

18/10/2011 - Within procurement procedures public authorities repeatedly ask the Contract Advisory Centre Hesse for companies, craft enterprises and offices which shall be invited to tender. The Contract Advisory Centre selects these companies from a nomination database. To be registered in this "nomination register" raises the possibility to be involved in a specific procurement procedure of the public sector.

More efficient through pre-qualification

August 2011
PQ-VOL-procedure supports "good purchase"
Administrative breakdown, by Anja Theurer

Hessian Announcement Database is moving -
HAD 10 years ago on line

by Brigitta Trutzel, May 2011

Pleading for pre-qualification

Supporting of public invitations to tender by PQ-VOL
by Brigitta Trutzel, April 2011

Search function on the Hessian company register HPQR is going to be extended
From now on, contracting authorities may search on the database at any time.

Since 1st January 2008, the Contract Advisory Centre Hesse has prequalified companies in Hesse with respect to their reliability, expertise and capability for public contracts. With immediate effect the Contract Advisory Centre Hesse extends this service to another function.

AKH enters into the Contract Advisory Centre Hesse

10/12/2010 - AKH enters into the Contract Advisory Centre Hesse in January 2011 With the membership of the Chamber of Architects and Urban Planners of Hesse (AKH) in the Contract Consulting Centre Hesse (Contract Advisory Centre), a milestone was achieved in bundling advisory services on public procurement by the chambers in Hesse.

Pooling expertise, representing interests in the field of public procurement law
Chamber of Engineers in Hesse becomes a new member of the Contract Advsory Centre Hesse

12/10/2010 - With a small ceremony at the premises of the Contract Advisory Centre Hesse on 4th October 2010, the membership of the Chamber of Engineers was sealed. Previously, there was a cooperation between the Contract Advisory Centre Hesse and the Chamber of Engineers Hesse, but now the president of the Chamber of Engineers Hesse, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dr.-Ing. E.h. Udo F. Meissner, and the chairman of the Contract Advisory Centre Hesse and Chief Executive of the IHK Wiesbaden, Joachim Nolde signed the contract.

The Chamber of Engineers in Hesse becomes a new member of the Contract Advsory Centre Hesse

01/10/2010 - The Contract Advisory Centre Hesse (Contract Advisory Centre) is also supported by the Chamber of Engineers in Hesse. After a short time of collaboration, it turned out quickly that many members want to make demands on the extensive advisory services on public procurement. It was obvious to become a supporting member of this institution that has advised public authorities and tenderers for more than five decades. With the membership, all members can use the search capabilities of the Hessian Announcement Database HAD for free.

Procurement law reform admits pre-qualification as an instrument for cutting red tape
200th company proves aptitude with HPQR certificate

21/01/2010 - The Chambers of Industry and Commerce and the Chambers of Crafts in Hesse have supported companies and crafts for more than 50 years with their common institution "Contract Advisory Centre Hesse" in acquiring public contracts. For 2 years, the Contract Advisory Centre Hesse has discharged the task of a regional, SME-friendly pre-qualification body for companies. There, companies can prove their suitability as a tenderer in advance of a specific tender. They are registered in the Hessian Pre-Qualification Register HPQR and from now on won't have to submit paperwork with detailed proofs to contracting authorities.
At the end of the year, the 200th company was certified. The certification was ...

HAD immediately enters into electronic procurement!
service for contracting authorities and companies

03/09/2009 - The Contract Advisory Service Hesse runs the Hessian Announcement Database HAD and has published all public contract notices of contracting authorities on behalf of the State of Hesse since November 2007 From now on, the Centre is extending this service. Contracting authorities can process their contract notices from the announcement to the award electronically on a second electronic procurement platform eHAD paperless

The contract assistents

06.08.2008 - IT solutions, hospital mattresses and pencils, the country needs, construction plans, asphalt and sandwiches: For around 350 billion euros,the public sector purchases in Germany every year, more than ten percent of the basket is filled by cities, municipalities and state government in Hesse. If companies want to obtain the contract award, they will have to breakdown some barriers. At that point, the Contract Advisory Centre Hesse supports them: The institution of the Hessian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (CCIs) and Chambers of Crafts has advised companies since 1954, how they can obtain most of the public contracts. Since late last year the Centre has also broken the mould.

Price "Innovation creates a lead" for the Hessian Announcement Database (HAD)

03/03/2008 - On 26 February 2008, the Parliamentary Secretary to the Federal Minister of Economics and Technology, Wöhrl, and Dr. Holger Hildebrandt, chief executive of the Federal Association of Materials Management, Purchasing and Logistics eV (BME), in Berlin's Federal Ministry of Economics awarded the jointly-sponsored "Innovation creates a lead," to the

Press release pay rate commitment

04/04/2012 - Statement on Court of Justice ECJ of 3 April 2008
Inadmissible pay rate commitment
: (Case C-346/06)! Implications of the judgment of the European Court on the Hessian Procurement Act, opinion on the ruling by Brigitta Trutzel, Managing director, Contract Advisory Centre Hesse