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The main rules of the national federal level

1) The fourth part of the Act against Restraints of Competition (ARC) (German:GWB)
2) Regulation on the award of public contracts (German:VgV)
3) Procurement and Contract Regulations VOL / A, VOB / A and VOF
and in the new regulation for utilities contracts (German:SektVO).

The utilities contracts regulation, the federal government passed on 23/09/2009. The SektVO replaces the applicable rules for utilities VgV and 4 Sections of VOB / A and VOL / A. For the first time, a regulation summarises the procurement rules for public clients of the utilities.

ARC - Act against Restraints of Competition (German:GWB)

The fourth part of Act against Restraints of Competition (ARC/GWB) contains the general rules for procurement and definitions of terms such as "contracting authority" or "public contract".
The ARC/GWB regulates how review procedures are proceeded in the Procurement Chamber. It also rules complaint procedures against decisions of the Procurement Chamber.
The ARC/GWB refers o the VgV which determines that the procurement and contract regulations have to be applied.

Modernisation of Public Procurement Law

Amending the law on the modernisation of the Public Procurement Law from 09/07/2009
Federal Law Gazette No. 40 of 15/07/2009