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When does the GPA apply to a contract?

What does GPA mean?

Public procurement :
Commission acknowledges need to accelerate procedures.

Prolonged until the end of 2011

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In its conclusions of 12 December, the European Council called on the Commission to take a number of measurements in response to the financial crisis.

Directive 2004/18/EC on public procurement allows to use accelerated procedures if they are necessary for emergency reasons. The Commission admits that the exceptional nature of the current economic situation must lead to a fast conducting of more public works. This urgency should in principle be sufficient to justify accelerated procedures, reducing the total length of a procedure from 87 days to 30 days. The assumption of urgency should apply to all major public projects in the years of 2009 and 2010 .

GREEN PAPER on the modernisation
of EU public procurement policy

Towards a more efficient European procurement market.

With a list of 114 questions, the EU Commission wants to detect the possibilities for a comprehensive modernisation of European procurement law. Aims, on the one hand, are more efficient procurement procedures and a reduction of administrative costs, on the other hand to support other policies such as the environment,higher resource and energy efficiency, to promote innovations, to consider social aspects and fighting corruption.

In an online consultation until the 18 April 2011, interested parties could take a stand. The EU Commission will publish the responses on the Internet.

The Federal Government supports the simplification and modernisation of EU public procurement rules. The Federal Government commented the decisive decisions of the Green Paper..

Comment of the Federal Government on the Green Paper of the European Commission about the modernisation of the public procuement law of 18 May 2011
Comment (pdf)