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Conditions of participation

1. Registration
The registration for participation in seminars must be on hand of the Contract Advisory Centre Hesse in written form. With his registration, the participant accepts the conditions of participation. Registrations are processed in the order of their receipt. You will generally receive a written confirmation by an early registration.

2. Terms of payment
The participant has to pay the fee not later than the day of event or the days specified in the bill for the seminar, regardless of the services of third parties (e.g. employment agency). Participants will receive an invoice for all charges which is payable on receipt stating the full invoice number, otherwise the booking can't be made.

3. Cancellation and rescission
At least 5 days prior to the commencement of the seminar - the date of receipt at the Contract Advisory Centre Hesse is decisive - the participant may withdraw the application in writing. In case of late cancellation, a cancellation fee of 35 euros per person is charged.

The seminar fees are not cost-covering but co-financed by the chambers. For this reason, the Contract Advisory Centre Hesse reserves the right to withdraw participants from the list of participants who do not pay the due seminar fee within 7 days despite of a payment reminder. Thereby, participation of other interested parties on the waiting list may be enabled. Any cancellation charges which may arise, have to be payed in this case as well.

Participants in the seminars who donīt appear or only appear at times, have to pay the full amount in principle.This is to prevent that seminar courses remain unused. The nomination of a surrogate particpipant on the day of event is possible, but not a cancellation. because the participation rates are calculated for a limited number of participants. Any nomination of a substitute participant on the day of the event is possible but not a cancellation.

4. Cancellation of seminars
The Contract Advisory Centre Hesse has the right to cancel seminars in case of insufficient participation. Then, it is obliged to refund fees which have already been paid. The participant can't make further demands.

5. Change of lecturers and teaching place
A change of lecturers or teaching place does not entitle the participants to rescind the contract or to reduce the fee.

6. Liability
The Contract Advisory Centre Hesse is not liable for damages unless they base upon intentional or grossly negligent conduct by employees or other agents.

Contract Advisory Centre Hesse
Effective 17/02/2014